heyyy there I'm

Allie :)

the photograhper

Hiiiii guys. I am allie!!!! I live for all things happy and deep. I love dance parties, booking trips to see my besties, and eating amazing food. I believe photos are beautiful time capsules of remembrance, and I loveeeeee capturing real authentic moments. I am very fascinated with people's stories, and I have a lot of hope for redemption of hearts + change. I have a little obsession with chickfila’s ice cream and large ice waters with lemon. my happy place is hanging with my friends eating thai food or sushi.

I believe my purpose in life is to show the beauty + fight for people's hearts and stories. I believe marriage is sacred and beautiful, but I know it is hard. I want my business to be more than just pretty pictures, so I want each of my couples to be more prepared and excited to enter into marriage after booking with me.  

fun facts

 Thailand + Germany are my two most favorite places I have traveled so far!! 

Favorite icecream flavors: coffee and cookie dough! 

Thai food & Sushi are my favorite foods! 

The Grand Tetons is my favorite national park 

I shoot on two Sony A7iii and two 35mm film cameras 

Psalm 34

show the beauty of your story 

STRONG black coffee or an iced latte!!!

Tv Show love: Brooklyn 99, New Girl, and Friends

love to shop at H&M and Free people  

bucketlist wedding locations

San Diego 

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